Tuesday, 24 August 2010


How did you become a hair stylist?

I grew up in a small town , everyone knew I wanted to be a hairdresser . Before my last school year was up I had 2 offers to start an apprenticeship. I was very fortunate.

What is the key to your success?

Believing in myself, setting goals and then going after them . I think being professional and reliable at all times clients appreciate greatly.

Which job are you most proud of?

There are so many its difficult to name just one.

I did a perfume film this year with LA director Martin Scorsese . It was pretty “special” to work alongside such an iconic director as he , especially as he is from the film world we don’t have much easy access to these big Hollywood directors in fashion .

Photo: Bendix

You are working regularly with celebrities, who is the most inspiring and why?

Dita Von Tesse left such an impression on me . She was what I could say was the perfect specimen of a woman. I think its amazing how she never lets her guard down . Wherever she is, when ever she is photographed there is always the element of perfection about her. She takes such good care of her image.

Your first book ‘ARCHIVE ‘ was published in 2008, is there any more book plans?

Archive was actually done by a publisher in Berlin named Printkultur. I did very little toward putting that book together. I forwarded about 1000 tear sheets and they made the selection and layout. The book was their idea . I honestly don’t think id be clever enough to create such a wonderful book on my own .Its a truly beautiful book and I’m very honoured they chose me as their subject.

What is your signature hair?

I guess luxury hair. I do many hair publicities ,they all ask for this luxury aspect that I seem to do well . However if I'm let free to choose I tend toward more edgy un coiffed rock and roll hair.

Photo: Marcus Pritzi

What is your top hair tip?

Never use hairspray, One looses a certain control over the hairstyle once the spray is on .

What is your favourite product in your kit?

I guess my shine cream . I make it up at home . It’s the clue to my luxury hair looks .

What is your favourite brush in your kit?

A wire wig brush . I use it for every head of hair I touch . Can not live without it !

Which hair tool is essential in your kit?

I think the ghd hair iron , perfect for straightening and curl

Where do you get your inspiration?

Museums , art gallerys, books , and often ideas float through my dreams while sleeping.

Photo: Jon Compson

What do you think will be the next hair trend?

I see a big move toward biological hair products , non sulfate ,non detergent . no animal testing . Totally pure products . I believe more and more people will be demanding access to these products in the future. Same with hair dos, I think people will be more concerned with healthy shiny ” pure” hair versus other.

You are travelling a lot with work, what is a must have on a flight?

I travel always with a big cashmere shawl even in summer. During the flight its often cold . Its perfect as the extra blanket or sometimes a pillow.

Favorite city?


Future plans?

I would like to keep the work I have and alongside would adore to work in hair product development. Just need to find the right avenue for that.

What do you dream off?

To stay healthy. Happy Im sure I will always be , but our health we never know .

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