Monday, 11 April 2011


On Saturday I had a day full off cultural experiences at the Dazed Live festival. Can really recommend everyone to go next time Dazed arrange one. I didn't realise what I was up for until I was there. We went to three very interesting and inspiring talks one off them by Aaron Koblin, creative director of Data Arts at Google Creative Labs. This young man looked like 23 years old and already done so many amazing projects. One of the The Arcade Fire' s musicvideo "The Wilderness Downtown" in which you can sign in with your address and the music video with help of street view plays from your address. Look at my version from Stockholm click here.  Check more of his work out here.

Another one was Ruth Hogben fashion video maker that works a lot with Gareth Pugh.

Apart from all this there was lots of bands playing. Great day/evening!

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