Monday, 12 October 2009


I love Dermalogica! Amazing skin products that keeps my skin in perfection.
My favorites are:

Special cleansing gel, is a really great daily facial wash.
I know you should have a specific make up remover but I do cheat some times with this one, cause it's just so mild but still takes away eye make up really effective.
Active Moist, day creme. What can I say, it's just GREAT!

Daily Microfoliant, this face scrub is magic. When you pour it out from the bottle its a white powder, you then add a bit off water and it dissolves into a creamy mild exfoliator. Since it's so mild you can use it daily if you like. Its great!

PreCleanser, (see above) is a really good bonus product to have in your make up kit. This product is great if you have heavy make up on, that a normal cleanser won't take away. Pre Cleanser is a oil that you apply on dry skin, all over face, even eyes too. Massage it in then add a bit off water and massage and the rinse. Make up is gone!

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